Call for Papers: Special Issue on Watershed Ecology

Deadline for paper submission:September 30,2017

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In the past decades, synergy of human disturbances (e.g., rapid urbanization, deforestation, and hydropower exploitation) and climate change has caused a series of impacts on many hydrological processes in multi-scale river basins, leading to many changes in the environment. Such changing environmental conditions are resulting in: (a) the gradual shifts of many water-related processes, parameters and factors (e.g., water cycles, precipitation patterns, and runoff regimes), and (b) the increasing frequencies and intensities of extreme climatic events (e.g., floods and droughts). Either influence pathway of changing environmental conditions may have direct and/or indirect effects on human society and indigenous ecosystems, which in turn have adaptive responses at multiple spatial and temporal scales. At the same time, many water-related and ecological problems are triggered, such as water shortage, habitat fragmentation, and ecological degradation. These problems may cause great losses in lives and properties, and many unrecoverable ecological results. The special issue “Watershed Ecology” of Engineering seeks for leading researches and establishment of a forum for the discussion of recent progresses on (a) increasing frequencies of extreme events, (b) intensive conflicts over water resources between human and ecosystems, (c) rising water pollution, (d) continuous degradation of aquatic and offshore ecosystems, and (e) tradeoff analysis of limited water resources for human beings and ecosystems. This issue will publish original research papersand reviews including but not limited to the following fields:


l  studies on relationships between ecological/hydrological factors and degenerative process

l  modeling of hydrological response under changing environmental conditions

l  modeling and analysis of detailed responding patters and relationships in urban agglomeration system

l  identification and evaluation of eco-restoration strategies for reducing potential damages and risks

l  environmental management policies

l  ecological protection technology and management mode

Paper Length:

6 pages in general

Editorial Board of the Special Issue:

Special Issue Editors-in-Chief

Zhifeng Yang, Beijing Normal University, China

John Crittenden, TheUniversity of Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

Executive Editor-in-Chief

Denghua Yan, China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research, China

Special Issue Editorial Board

Qiuwen Chen, Nanjing Hydraulic Research Institute, China

Zhongbo Yu, Hehai University, China

Glen Daigger, University of Michigan, USA

Edward Sudicky, University of Waterloo, Canada

Geoffrey Petts, University of Westminster, UK

G. Mathias Kondolf, University of California Berkeley, USA

MassimilianoLega, Parthenope University of Napoli, Italy

Mark T. Brown, University of Florida, USA

Editor-in-Chief Assistant

Gengyuan Liu, Beijing Normal University, China

Xinan Yin, Beijing Normal University, China

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